Chateau Erkech


The village of Kozichino (Erkech), where traditions are alive

The village of Kozichino (Erkech), where traditions are alive
The village of Kozichino, Pomorie municipality is better known by its old name – Erkech. It is located on the ridge of one of the slopes of the Eastern Stara Planina mountain, and is nestled in the bosom of Kodja Balkan at 524 meters above sea level. The village has a beautiful view of the sea and the plain. The village of Kozichino (Erkech) is an old Bulgarian village, dating from the arrival of the proto-Bulgarians in these lands over fifteen centuries ago. The history of the village is rich and infinite, described in many books and materials by various authors, historians, linguists, ethnographers and folklorists. The history of Erkech is of great importance for Bulgaria, as the village plays a huge role in preserving the Bulgarian spirit and traditions. In its more than fifteen centuries of history, Erkech became a nest of Bulgarianness and a hearth of the awake Bulgarian spirit. It preserves and spreads the Bulgarian culture during the centuries of its existence. Erkech preserves one of the oldest costumes in Bulgaria, as well as the oldest dialect in Bulgaria. The village has become a kind of language island, giving many linguists the opportunity to explore it. Original customs such as “Lazaruvane”, “Koleduvane”, “Petliovden” and others have been preserved. The original creativity of the village is known to science as “Erkeshki folklore”.
Vasil Levski visited the village and set up a committee headed by the local priest Petko Doinov.
The village of Erkech is located in a strategic place. The national tourist route “Kom-Emine” passes through it, which leads many tourists to the village.


There is an authentic, in-ground winery on the château’s grounds where you can taste different types of wines paired with delicate dry appetizers and cheeses.

Jeep safari and UTV

For those who love adrenaline we offer Jeepsafari and UTV for rent.
The jeep safari includes a dynamic route with wonderful 360 degree panoramas and a visit to the rock phenomenon “Dobrovolski Mushrooms”.
A powerful Can Am Maverick RS UTV is also available for rent for 120 BGN/hour, with which your adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

Ancient church

You can visit the ancient church in the village of Kozichino, which was built during the Turkish rule – 1845. For the church to be built a resident of the village traveled the road from Erkech to Constantinople on horseback to obtain a building permit.

Old lemonade factory

In the village, you can go back in time and see how lemonade was made many years ago in one of the oldest lemonade factories.


A visit to an ancient darak can be arranged to learn how the wave was dragged many years before the technological development.

Activities in Chateau Erkech

You can also enjoy a variety of activities on the chateau’s grounds – a panoramic spa area, infinity pool, foosball, billiards, Xbox, children’s play area and satellite TV in every room are available to all guests